Friday, March 31, 2006

Finished these couple of blocks earlier this week for the blocks exchange on the yahoo group. These are for the month of June, i am really glad i am ahead with these as starting next week i will work more days and probably long days too.

Aside from these, i work on a pics as there's not much done yet and these couple of small charts, will finished it into cards later.

Whew! what a busy day today, dh decided last night that he's going to do some painting in the kitchen, the door post & window sills. It was after lunch when we finally started scrubbing as he has been called to solved some computer problems of one of his clients. WOW! what a dust all around!!! But we've finished with that and he's now painting one of the door post to see how's the colour we had chosen. It was light blue. It looks good so far but we have to see it in daylight how it really is as it is now nearly ten PM.

For the hardanger, haven't touch it this week and will not work on it till after next week. I am afraid, not much stitching will be done next week. I will be working monday & tuesday and after that will be busy for some preparations for dh's birthday. His birthday is the 9th of April which is sunday but he will celebrate it saturday.

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