Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Non stitched cards & x'mas SAL

Non stitched birthday cards for this month are done. Only a couple of stitch cards to go...

Also finished a x'mas theme, well except the beads. This is from the JCS 2005. Until now, stitching one every month went well, i am not sure though if i can keep up with it. I am afraid when the weather warms up, we are more likely out with the kids, ohh and i have to work more, not to forget working on the garden.

It's sunny today, it's seems from the inside it is soooo warm outside but the wind is very cold. Hope to go for a walk though this afternoon, before going to a birthday of a friends daughter.


Von said...

You're very organized to get your cards ready to go - they're beautiful!
When spring and summer hit, I don't get as much stitching done either. There's so much to do outside. However, we do get extreme heat waves and then I'll be inside keeping cool in the afternoon - stitching away. :D

Dawn said...

I love your cards! I stitch about the same in summer because I take my stitching stuff and sit outside with the kids. That of course is when the heat and humidity aren't to bad.

Heather said...

The JCS birds, I want to stitch that one, just haven't got round to it yet. It's beautiful.