Thursday, November 09, 2006

Away with friends this weekend!!!

We are going away this weekend, actualy we are leaving tomorrow(friday) already but before going to the ferry we have to bring the things for the children to grandma, and the list of their activities on saturday, hope grandma wouldn't mind as it's a busy day for the kids. A coincidence that it has to be that saturday where we had scheduled for this outing. Since it is our turn to organize this outing, we had selected this date way back in May due to reservations, so other activities regarding the children wasn't known yet. Atleast, they were going to be picked up by parents of there friends for going to the different clubs(swimming& gym), in the morning and then afternoon will be grandma's turn. Grandma isn't really familiar with our kids, she's more with the kids of Kees sister(three of them, almost the same age with our children).
Oh well, with the outing we really hope the weather's dry as some of the scheduled activities were outside.
Here's a couple of picture from the outing a couple of years ago.

Last year was to New Castle, a there's a couple of pictures way back last october when i started with this blog. See, i didn't really realise it's been a year already since i started blogging.

With stitching, not much progress except of a few small designs i had stitched for x'mas cards and a few others like this mystery SAL on yahoo with lots and lots of FRENCHKNOTS, 44 in all!!!!!!!!!!

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Wendy said...

Have a wonderful weekend, Mylene! I look forwards to hearing all about it.