Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tickets are booked!!!! & cards.

YES!!! We've booked the tickets. We've spent almost the whole afternoon to decide the dates, it wasn't easy at all. We would like at least a month and had the dates in mind after we've seen the school calendar for early next year and we especifically like to book it with Cathay Pacific airlines, but most were fully booked already. Finally, it's less than four weeks, starting the last week of February till the third week of March. We wanted Cathay Pacific as we want to drop by Hongkong and stay there for a few days. The children really likes to go and see there grandparents and other family but they don't really like flying. They know about the DISNEYLAND in Hongkong so we promised them to visit there too. So now they are looking forward to both.
WHEW! I was so excited after we've booked i called my sister in Canada and woke her up, didn't realise the time difference. It was 7AM there but it's nearly her due she's not sleeping well at night.
I am now waiting till midnight then i am going to call my mum, i am sure they are awake at six. Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

A picture of some cards i made recently, mostly 3D cards and a few stitched ones.
Some will be send out next week and the one for her locally will be after the 5th of December.

Another picture were small pieces i stitched lately and would like to experiment in turning them into an ornaments.

Thanks Anna! I do feel better knowing i am not alone with this such...but i do hope your week will be better soon.


anna said...

Almost 4 weeks is a lot!!! I always say one needs a whole two weeks to disconnect the brain from daily stuff we leave at home. You've made wonderful cards!! And I just love the little bear!!! I have this thing about moose/reindeer and bear, and yours is co cute! :)

Von said...

How wonderful that you have a long vacation to look forward to, Mylene! :D Can't blame your kids for dreading the long flight over; dreams of Disneyland will make the flying easier.