Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Outing with friends

It was finally 14 adults(7 couples) instead of 18, two couples weren't able to come, one was just on the last minute so he has to pay some that couldn't be cancelled anymore.

We arrived at around four at the hotel and waited till the others joined us, at 5:30 we drove to another place for dinner eetcafe Oberon

after that to this place de zevende hemel
for 'laser game'.
We were divided in two groups, men and women apart and whew!! The guys did it seriously so they win. That was really fun!! Such a pity, the games took only about 12 minutes. We did it two times.

The activity the next day(saturday), we arranged it with the
duck tour
They provided us with four of this small cars to tour the area, with a couple of stops on the way for lunch and golfing... 'boeren golf'. Which was really new to most of us, we are really lucky it was dry as it was predicted with lots of rain.

A picture of the whole group after playing the golf at the farm.

And then to a beer brewery , we ran out of time so we didn't stayed long enough to taste the whiskey which was was quite new to them, only the beer or a couple of them as they have different ones. Took back the cars back and went to dinner which was arranged as well where we are expected at six. It was an indoor barbecue, Gonzales restaurant

After 11Pm we are in one of the bar nearby the hotel for drinks and some played billiard. A few went in after midnight while we stayed until after 1AM. But the night before some went in just before 3AM. Since we organize this outing and i know what the activities the next day i went in after midnight, but Kees stayed with the rest.

Sunday, after breakfast we went to the Mineral museum
It was an interesting one.
The whole weekend went very well and everybody had enjoyed it. We sure happy everything went fine as we had planned. Now we are free for the next 5 or 6 six years, i mean for organizing the weekend or whatever.

Well, whoever read this and find a lot of errors, either with grammar, spelling, i am sorry, my english isn't that well and don't have much time to go over and check it.


Stitch or no stitch said...

What a fun weekend Mylene!! Sounds like you and DH put a lot of effort into the preparations - but it paid off. Congratulations!!
Ah, now you can sit back and relax for the next few years while your friends are struggling to make their weekend just as big as success as your's was.

Von said...

I'm glad your big weekend event was such a success, Mylene! I'm sure you were anxious and worrying about all the details, so now take some time for yourself!! Congratulations! :D