Saturday, November 04, 2006

My first Biscornu!!!!

I really like the one i made for Outi's scissorfob so i stitched that again with DMC perle number 8 on 28 ct. Jobelan and finished it into a biscornu, though i didn't expect it will turned out pretty small. So i added a cord so it can be use as a scissorfob too. The back i stitched with normal DMC with the words "I'm too busy to be organized".
i am satisfied with the outcome, thought it's too difficult to make but it just needed time and patience.... now i would like to try a bigger one but i don't have pattern or haven't seen appropriate one from the magazines i have. Thought i had seen some freebies before, will look for that later.


Outi said...

It turned out beautiful. :)

anna said...

It's super!! I am too busy to be organized enough to try to make one ;-) I am sure there were several patterns for biscornus in the French freebies I posted in my blog in the last month, but I am too pooped to try and find them now :)

Nelapx said...

bello, felicidades

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Great exchange! I love the idea of making the biscornu into a fob. It is adorable!

anna said...

Mylene, there is one chart that could be used for a biscornu here and to the right, another pink one that I think could be used as well.