Thursday, November 16, 2006


First off, thanks so much Margaret & Von for dropping by. Until now we are not yet fully recovered from it, i mean still feeling very tired, i think because of staying up that late and too much alcohol and trying to be alert for everything.
Haven't had a rest the last days, works goes on and a lot of activities for the children and it is getting worse the coming weeks/weekend.

The things i had in mind to stitch/make for friends(online) for x'mas, i'm afraid i can't make it. I am in a few exchanges so that will be my priority.

Just read some messages from the Yahoo group, a few items were received, quite quickly than i had expected. One was a small finished exchange to Kim...

and my SS got her last package which i stitched her a small pincushion and enclosed some charts from her wishlist. With the help of a few freinds from the USA this went well successfully, otherwise she've known it right away who was her SS from the first package that was sent a few months ago. Thanks so much for helping me with this exchange.


Shari said...

your blog looks great!! I am going to post a picture of my wonderful gift on my blog also! Probably get to it tomorrow!!! Thanks for being a great SS!!!!!

~Kim~ said...

Mylene... I just want to thank you again for the adorable hanging pillow! Im honored to have your stitching in my home.


Barb said...

Those are pretty finishes. Good job on them

whitecalla said...

Looks like you had an enjoyable outing among friends. Happy for you. Loved the finishing of the pincushion.Lovely.