Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Feeling so down the last days, actually started last friday after a morning shopping spree with MIL. She's 72 years old but still very active and very quick with her comments without thinking/or realising if it hurts or not. Chris will turn 7 the 1st of Dec. so she ask what's he would like and i showed what's on his list or atleast a few but to her those games aren't good at all, but for me he's still a child and wants to play. So in the end she bought LEGO's, as she thought that's better than the modern games these days. When we were done for some gifts we went for grocery and then i noticed that it's nearly midday and i need to prepare lunch but she wasn't finish yet and said i should'nt have talked to a friend for a while when we were at one of the shops. Okey, that was my fault but she've been busy too, i haven't noticed she was really waiting for me. Aside from that she've said a few negatives comments about Dh. At that time, i just didn't say much but after lunch i relay to DH what has been my morning with his mum. He said at once "what a horrible morning, you'll never want to go shopping with her anymore" and then i started to cry....DH was soo angry he wanted to go to his mother at once but i said i think it will not help as these was not the first time, imean not with me but for him too. He's been angry with her and honest with it to her, before and after i joined the family and no change at all. She's just a very difficult person, too easy to comments about others and compare. Eversince, her favorite is the youngest and so is with their three kids. First and last, are the same age with our children.

That friday evening, we decided to go and visit my family in Asia. It was a coincidence that we were called up to go to school the last days for the kids, kind of report. Both are very good at school, especially Grace so they can miss a few weeks. This morning, Dh has called the head of the school and ask permission and he understands that we can't leave for during the summer vacation because of our work and the temperature where i came from is very warm especially for the children, but actually mainly for our work.

These are the exchanges recently that was sent and rec. for the Praire Schooler group. I made the Santa and received the deer in return from Carolyn.

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anna said...

Ooooh, so sorry to hear about your bad week. If that helps, mine is terrible as well! ;-) I have an excellent relationship with H's mother for the moment (I am still not speaking Norwegian very well) but yes, she is such a complex nature and difficult person at times, so reading your post I really understood what you were feeling. How wonderful you're planning another trip to Asia! How long will you stay? I still remember that beautiful picture of Chris with his grandpa on the mule... :)