Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chris birthday card

One of my finished the last days for our son's 7th birthday tomorrow. Chris likes to read and whenever we go to the library he picks up mostly fantasy books, also books for us to read it for him before he go to sleep. He is only allowed to get or borrow 10 books but would rather have more. We are sure happy that he likes reading too like his sister and off course mum and pap!
A couple of finishes were for exchanges and would like it as a surprise so can't show the pics. Whew! I am just done with some preparations especially the treat for his class and made two apple tart, one for the teachers and one for here. We ordered one which will be decorated with sponge bob, his choice as he went with his father to order it. I am sure it will be a busy one tomorrow after school, when everyone will come at the same time.

Many thanks to all for the nice comments on my previous messages. They are very much appreciated.

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Charlene said...

Wow .. that was cute and I love the finishing too.

Do show more on your other finish project.