Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chris football & Prairie schooler freebie

Quite a busy day for all of us yesterday. It was saturday and i would really like to sleep in but can't. Had to get up after 7AM as Grace was being picked up at 8AM for her swimming club. At 9AM we went to the football field for Chris and as being his first game match we stayed to watch. They had really fan those kids at the field while it was very cold, the temperature wasn't that low, about 7 degrees celcius but it was quite windy which makes it very cold.
My toes was frozen after an hour standing there, my own fault i think...., had used the wrong shoes, being small i ussually wear shoes with heels!!!!!!!!!
Oh well, there game match went well..., first match was 0-0, the second one 1-1 and the third one 2-1, Chris group being the winner!!!

After football, they went to a workshop for baking cookies, They were invited by their friends for it. After that around 3PM, Chris and his friend were dropped here at home. After an hour DH went to picked up Grace and her friend as they have cakes with them to carry. All tasted good!!! And absolutely not good for my weight!!! Ha Ha!!. After 5PM i went to work, so DH had to prepare dinner for all of them and then at 7PM DH brought them to the village hall for the "bingo" evening for the children. These was truly unexpected that it has to be all in one day.
I came home late last night as it was really busy at the restaurant!

Here's a small finished lately. A freebie of Prairie Schooler design, and completed it into a scissor fob.


Von said...

Brrr, I hate being out in the wind! Cookies sound pretty good tho! :D

Love your little scissor fob, Mylene - very sweet.

glenda said...

How cute, Mylene. Congrats on another great finish

Meari said...

Your scissor fob turned out nice, Mylene. Congrats on the finish.

Barbara said...

Congratulations, Chris!! (It is so exciting to watch our kids participate in sports, isn't it?)

And your fob finish is adorable. :)

Heidi said...

wow sounds like a busy day! I like your finish. :o)

Lelia said...

Lots to do in one day! Luv the PS scissor fob -- it is charming : )