Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Valentine's Exchange!

These was such a great surprise, my partner did really spoiled me with this exchange. I didn't know we will not reveal our name upon sending the package, and one thing more i don't have connection to internet weeks before send out so when the time came to send it out i just placed my name on the card, i am sorry Ish you know it right away but i think my stamps will give it away anyway.
When i received mine last week with no return address or name on the card i hardly can't guess as i don't know anymore who had joined in with the exchange.

Thank you so much Jayne for these beautiful scissor pocket and all the goodies enclosed. I LOVE them all!!
Such lovely colours!!

Here's a pic of the scissor fob and other items i had sent to my partner

Ish .


Jayne said...

Hi Mylene
I really enjoyed making this gift for you. I dyed the fabric myself and just by accident the thread colours matched perfect I do hope you will enjoy using it
Love Jayne x

Susimac said...

Its a lovely exchange Mylene - I love your scissor holder. I also like the fob that you sent to Ish - I got one like that too from another Valentine exchange.

Nelapx said...

me gusta me gusta me gustaaaa

Julie said...

nice gift you stitched fr Ish and also received from Jayne, this was a fun exchange wasn't it
{hugs} Julie x

Barbara said...

Beautiful! You must be happy!

anna said...

I love the pillow and its colors, Mylene! :)

Ish said...

Thank you again for the lovely pincushion. Jayne's scissor holder is beautiful. This has been a fun exchange

Meari said...

Great exchange! Everything looks wonderful. :)