Thursday, February 01, 2007

Computer has been....

...fixed, (thanks to dh) for a few days now. Just don't have much time to get online. Been busy with the kids, going out for long walks with friends since the weather is like spring instead of winter.

Well, my update so far is more on patchwork as i've done or been busy with that for the last weeks. We're done with the first course for patchwork last year, we're just only a small group of six and we wanted to go further and the one who teaches us comes up for next course will be a 'sampler' from the book of Karin Pieterse.
We are thinking to make 16 different blocks but that depends on everyone. So far we had met twice already and everybody were very interested with it and has done two or three blocks already. We have to do lots on our own though as the course consist only five or six meet up for a couple of ours.

These are what i've completed so far, two more are nearly done and i am a bit disappointed with the colours i've chosen. I can say, i am not so good in finding the right colours together. The fabrics are very expensive so i'd rather not change it at this time.

I did completed a few small stitched items for exchanges/gifts but can't show it yet.

Anna, thanks so much for the link for the biscornu's. I've seen them, it looks great.


AnneS said...

Personally I'm drooling over those patchwork blocks - I adore the colours you've chosen! :D Can't wait to see more as you do them :D

veronica's place said...

hoi mylene

ik vind persoonlijk dat je toch wel een mooie kleurencombinatie gemaakt hebt hoor !!! op naar de volgende lol

Von said...

Don't be so disappointed in your blocks, Mylene!! They look very good! :D