Friday, February 16, 2007

SFE from Michelle!

Received this beautiful piece from Michelle for the 'small finished exchange'. Beautiful stitching and neatly completed! Thank you so much Michelle.

Not much stitching done today, been to a few friends for a visit prior to our leave on sunday for a month for vacation as well as well visiting my family in Asia.


~Kim~ said...

Oh that is soooo cute! What a great SFE Michelle made for you. :) Enjoy!!


veronica's place said...

hoi mylene
je hebt mooie werkjes gemaakt hoor en dikke proficiat voor chris met z'n zwemtest b

Barbara said...

Beautiful exchange receipt!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Margaret said...

Dear Mylene,
Wishing you a wonderful vacation and an amazing visit with your family. You must be so excited!!!!
It will be great to hear all about your trip when you are home again.

Chelle said...

It's beautiful! The ribbon trim is very nice.

Terri M said...

I absolutely adore the ribbon on top! Very creative. Beautiful.

Meari said...

Very pretty!

Lelia said...

Lucky you ... Michelle stitched up a lovely project : )