Thursday, February 15, 2007

Chris passed swimming test B

Chris passed the swimming test B this afternoon. Quite quickly after passing his A last december. Not all of the group were allowed to take the test after so short a while. What we did with Chris, DH went swimming with him once a week too, so he can practice and stronger with it. Chris really wanted to go or join his friends for football but we said he have to get his swimming A and B first and when we heard last week that he's allowed to take the test this week we called the organisator of the football group if he can join his friends on the group as we heard that one boy had quit and yes he's taken. So he's really very happy and now he can join his friends on saturday and wednesday for football.


~Kim~ said...

Congrats to Chris!! Way to go!


Von said...

Good for Chris! Now on to football. :D Glad they had a spot for him!