Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Patchwork update!

Here's the last update for my patchwork blocks at the moment. We've had a meet up earlier tonight with the group and wow! i can everyone say did there homework well. I should have taken my camera with me, perhaps i won't forget it next time so i can the difference of the fabric colour that was chosen. I am the only one who had completed a block with square pattern and i am the second who had finished some blocks which was totalled seven while the first eight. They should have another meet up after three weeks but they'd rather wait for me till i come back end of march which i am really happy with but i am afraid i won't have anything to show off.
I am not taking any for our trip, maybe a couple of small stitching items but thats all..!!

Thank you all so much for dropping and leaving comments on my blog.


Dawn said...

ooo...these ones are really pretty!

veronica's place said...

hi mylene

it really looks terrific... very nice job !!!!