Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Small x'mas ornaments & might be the LAST POST!!!

These were stitched a while back and had managed to finished it into ornaments. Patterns were from a couple of the U.K magazines from previous years. At first, i thought to finished it into cards but finally it was into an ornaments.

Anyway, i am afraid this might be my last message,just heard that DH wants to close down the main server(computer) either tomorrow evening or friday. I might not have time to get online before then as there's a lot to do, need to do a bit of shopping, packed the luggage and going to a couple of birthdays before sunday.

We are taking the first ferry (at eight) on sunday to the airport. A family will drive us to there. Our flightis around one in the afternoon and it will take us nearly two hours to reach there.
WHEW!! It wil be a very long trip....! First, nearly 12 hours to Hongkong and then will have to transfer to another or smaller plane and will take about two hours flight to Manila. And then about 8 to 9 hours drive from the airport to the province where my family live. Atleast they are coming to pick us up at the airport.

We will be staying there for more than three weeks. Before coming back to Holland, we will drop by in HONGKONG for a few days. We would like to go to take the children to 'Disneyland'as it's already opened since last year.

Bye for now and till the end of March.


~Kim~ said...

Adorable finish as always Mylene! Enjoy your trip home to visit your family!


veronica's place said...

hi mylene

they look very nice... i wish you a very nice trip to your family... see you at the end of march.. have fun

Heidi said...

Great finishes! Wow what a long trip! But to see your family is well worth it. Have a good trip and we'll see you when you return! :o)

Barbara said...

Have a wonderful trip, Mylene!!

Sally said...

Beautiful ornaments Mylene.

Have a wonderful time visting your family.

Wendy said...

Have a wonderful visit with your family, Mylene! I'm looking forwards to hearing all about it when you return.

Dawn said...

Beautiful ornaments! Have a safe trip and enjoy yourselves. :)

Von said...

Safe travels to you and your family, Mylene! We'll miss you!