Wednesday, February 15, 2006


These are the two stitched cards i wanted to post the other day but blogger won't let me. Both already sent today for stitched birthday card exchange on one of the yahoo group here in Holland. I am making less cards now compared to last year when i did three different groups all stitched cards. Actually, only one was a must but the two international were not, but i did start it from the beginning so had to complete it all for the whole year.

Yesterday i've made more cards but then non-stitched also for birthday exchange, card making group. It's been a while since i've been busy with these ,some materials were hidden somewhere i cannot remember anymore. So these are quite simple ones.

I have here a couple of stitched alphabets which i hope to finished it off into a scissor fob. Actually, done one, but i am not satisfied with the cording i had made but i am not going to remove it. Hopefully, i can post a pic tomorrow.


Von said...

Wonderful cards, Mylene!! Such fun! :D

Dawn said...

The cards are beautiful! You are very talented.

Lelia said...

Beautiful cards! I've never attempted them. You have a knack for it : )

Heather said...

What beautiful cards Mylene.