Friday, February 03, 2006

Today's Menu and others...

This is my progress so far with this one. Aside from this, have completed a christmas small piece for an ornament but haven't took a pic of it yet.

Chris went back to school yesterday and he's really happy to be back with his friends again. We heard, quite some childrens are not well the last weeks. At Grace class, every week there's one or two are sick. Oh, and just heard that one of their nephew has been for a week at home, also sick and just been to see the doctor yesterday.
Our neighnour was discharged yesterday but very weak, she'd stayed more than week in the hospital. She has a terrible pain in her stomach and her doctor here said it was gallstone but when she arrived at the hospital they weren't sure . Finally, they removed it after two days. Her daughter, age 4 is still staying with her SIL, as she's too weak to look after her.

Tomorrow, we are going to a friend's birthday at the mainland. We'll not leaving that early as Grace went to bed very late. She'd been to a party with the swimming club she's in.

Thanks Von and Elisabeth! The dull women piece is of Lizzie Kate design. I really like this one and hope to frame it soon, just can't get to town to order the frame.

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Sew-in-Love said...

I love this one too. Is it to go on the kitchen door???

Any hardanger on the go?

Finally got some updates on my blog now.=)