Monday, February 13, 2006

A very busy day for DH....

...but atleast i already prepared their warm meal for lunch before i went to work. At 12 noon he has picked up Chris from school. Grace comes home on her own. It is not so far, about 5-10 minutes walk. We don't allow Chris yet to walk alone as he has to cross the road a few times.
After lunch, he brought back Chris to school and then remain there at school. Every monday afternoon he gives extra(voluntary) Chess lesson for a few children who are in the higher group, age between 7 -12. This is the second year he does this for the school.
He comes home with Chris at 3:30PM and catch up on his own works. Around six PM they had bread, after that DH brought the children and another boy from the neighbourhood to thier chess club which is in town, well about 10-15 minutes drive. Since it's an hour game/lesson for the kids dh returned home and tonight one of the parents picked them up. After 9 dh went to school for Grace. A ten minutes chat how's everything for her at school. I went the last time so it is his turned now, otherwise if we have somebody to stay here for the kids we'd rather go together. I wonder what keeps him so long now, he's suppose to be home half an hour ago...hmmmm, ohhh now i hear the outside door, he's back.

Well, just seen a message on one of the group that sachet exchange which i had sent to England on the 2nd of November just arrived the a few days ago. A few weeks after when still didn't shown up I sent another sachet on 20th of December, it had arrived three days after. So we were sure the first one was lost! I was really disappointed as that was my first sachet in hardanger.
I tried to upload a couple of pics but it doesn't let me....


Von said...

Your dh really was busy today!! How wonderful that he can spend that kind of time with the children!
I hope Blogger cooperates with you tomorrow - I want to see your pics!!

Dawn said...

You dh had a busy day. I can't wait to see pics! :)