Sunday, February 12, 2006


It was quiet here yesterday(saturday), well in the afternoon when both kids were invited by their friends to go to the (indoor)swimming pool. So it was nice to be left alone doing some housecleaning and lots of ironing. When they came home, had a quick meal as Grace has to go to the youth bingo which was organize once in a few months just here in the village. Chris would like to go too but of his age is not yet allowed so he played chess with his father instead. While i was catching up on some newspaper and mags that was piled the last days. So, no stitching for me!!!!!

Today, was able to sleep in till about ten. After a late breakfast we went to MIL for a cup of coffee and a few drinks, thought other family comes around too but nobody came. But we heard that the three kids of Kees sister are going to stay for the night with her as their parents will have to take the first ferry tomorrow morning (which is at six) so they'll be dropping by her late afternnon. We just came home and here i am on my computer while dh too and the kids watching some kids on tv. After an hour we are going to visit a friend, as we just heard his father is taken to the hospital.
WOW! I just heard Kees book a table at a restaurant so we are going out to dinner just before six. whew...Am i glad not to think of preparing something for dinner.

Thanks Von & Elisabeth for having a look at my recent pictures. I will try to do it by hand finishing the needlebook, but will have to wait as i have to work for the next couple of days.


Dawn said...

I hope you a wonderful dinner! All of your RR's and Sal look wonderful. Looking forward to the needlebook finished. :)

Von said...

It's nice to have a quiet house to work in, isn't it!! I have some ironing I should be doing myself, but I think it's going to wait another day. I'm one of those weird people who actually doesn't mind ironing - when I have the time. :D

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Congratulations on your recent stitching progress. The needlebook will be lovely. I'll look forward to seeing it assembled.