Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hardanger sachet

I started this one weeks ago and finally completed it last weekend. There should be beads on it too, but i don't have one that match the colours. Being this first, i will keep this one!!! Would like to make one more with another pattern, but i have to order another colour thread too. So it will have to wait.

My goal for February wasn't all completed, well actually one for a rr but atleast the send out date is the middle of march so i hope to finish it before then.

Stitched this one for a quilt block, from the EMS garden alphabets. Just need to sign it and will be on it's way to the U.S.

For March, i don't know yet aside from the rr piece. Will have to look this week...


Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

I've downloaded EMS Alphabets but have not done any of them. They are simple beautiful and just like yours too. :)

I love the thread that you use for the hardanger sachet. Maganda!!

Von said...

Mylene, your hardanger sachet is so gorgeous! Your thread choice is yummy! Congrats on your finishing your first hardanger piece - it doesn't look like a beginner at all! :D

Isabelle said...

Wow! Mylene, you do such beautiful Hardanger! It is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the colour your chose. You definitely have to make more!! :)

Your Spring design below is so cute as well. And I went a little backwards in your blog and saw that you stitch so beautifully! The Hardanger Angel you made back in January is gorgeous too - you sure master Hardanger, don't you! :) You make gorgeous ornaments as well :) I sure wish I'd come across your blog earlier! :)

Sew-in-Love said...

Oooooh, Lovely Mylene! That sachet is fantastic!



Dawn said...

The sachet is stunning! You did a wonderful job! Congrats to you!!

AnneS said...

Mylene, your hardanger sachet is absolutely glorious! I totally adore both the design and the thread/colour choice - just awesome!! Would you mind sharing the designer details ... I wouldn't mind getting hold of this one at some stage - just what I need, more charts for my wishlist ;P haha.