Sunday, December 03, 2006

Chris birthday went well last friday, for school which he received nice comments about my apple tart for the teachers and the children with chips and toys. The afternoon for family and friends who dropped by. After they left for school friday, i prepared/cooked different dishes, mainly asian foods for the evening meal. We had expected actually two couples with their children to stay behind but were a lot who are still in at around seven, 9 childrens and 10 couples. Since the kids doesn't like much asian food, dh prepared sausages and french fries for them. Our kitchen is not big enough for all, so we let the children their and the adults in the living room. It went well as well as the food.

One of Chris friend stayed for the night so i can't sleep in as he has to be picked up around 9AM for his football and Grace was picked up at eight for the swimming club. In the end, football was cancelled because because of the weather, rainy until now, stormy actually!

Speaking of storm, when we saw the newspaper this morning about the typhoon in the PHILIPPINES were lots of damages and all, for the last couple of days, i called my mother at once. My family lives in the northern part and there was not much damage over there but in the southern part was terrible. A lot of properties destroyed and many dead, still a lot haven't been found.

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