Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Down moment.........!!!!!

is over.......... celebrated it tonight mainly for the kids and glad they've enjoyed it and loves what they've got, really surprises for them especially Grace where she got her own computer upstairs at her room. DH has been busy with it almost the whole day, first with the new table and then all the connection for the computer. She've never expected it to have one herself. Oh well, they have one which they share together at the playroom but always fight over it especially if they have friends around and since Grace is going to high school(sort of), (VWO), we decided to give her this one instead of a TV. Aside from that some books, perfums and other small stuffs.
Chris has his "play station" for his b-day the first of december, so he got cd's for that game, and some books, playmobiels toys and other small stuff.
I am quite disappointed with dh, after more than 12 years seems he still doesn't really know my likes and dislikes i mean when it comes to clothes and my hobbies. Speaking of hobbies, i think he hates my stitching hobby...oh well i am really down at the moment, probably i am not in writing mood regarding with us......

Anyway, after a couple of hours..the children are already in bed, i do feel pity for myself, watching CSI Miami(i like those series and 'bones'too.) and then my sister called from Canada with her good news, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I am so glad everything went well for her. I am now waiting for the pictures she promised to send, it is now half hour ago and still haven't seen it we'll see it tomorrow, it is now after midnight so i am going to bed as the kids have to get up early for school tomorrow.


Von said...

I'm so sorry your dh has disappointed you with his gift-giving ability. This is an area that I had almost given up on and then suddenly after about 20 years together my dh really surprised me with a terrific gift. I hope yours comes 'round sooner. :) Still, the kids had a great time and that's most important.
Congratulations on the birth of your niece!!

Barbara said...

Sometims husbands really step in it, huh? I hope you're able to talk it out and get it resolved, rather than just staying silent and hurting. You take care, okay?