Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More parcels and lots of cards, mostly b-day cards now i think and a few x'mas cards are waiting for me last night. I've been to the mainland to shop for clothes but before that i joined a friend for a long walk in the morning, we've covered about 8 kilometers, that was quite heavy for me as i don't go that much for a walk, ussually about two or three km and once or twice a week, that is if weather permits.
So i feel so tired last night and dh wasn't feeling wel so he went to bed very early while we still have something planned to do. I had to do it alone, i had to filled in a large box to be parcelled to Asia, most things we needed when we go there next year.
Glad, after a night sleep he's fine early this morning so he is now on the way to the mainland to bring the parcel box for shipment.

Today will be another busy day, but wanted to fill here up first as i don't know when can i get the chance again. I have to start cleaning and empty the childrens'playing room as friends are coming to stay tomorrow. Planned what's for dinner then as well as a few snacks for saturday...i know i am so late with this one..!
In between i have to prepare some food for school for their Çhrismas dinner early this evening, and for two groups as i promised one for Grace class and another for Chris class.

After school this afternoon we will have to pick up Chris and bring him to the swimming pool, for his final swimming test for A. I wonder why they scheduled it during this very busy time...!! Sure is a busy day for him too.
Ooohh, and i want to go to town to get something for him..ahhhhhhhhh well see. with all this i don't have time for the packages i want to enjoy when opening them and not to put it away at once...


Renée said...

Dear Mylene. At least, once again I come back to your blog. We already shared together in the past. I wish that you receive PLENTY of parcels, gifts and cards from your family left in the Philippines, and many more from all your friends in Europe. Today I send an appeal on my own blog to sens Christmas greetings to my niece who is alone in China for Christmas (she's studying there). I wish that many visitors of my blog just pu a comment on my blog under the title Joyeux Noel véronique / Merry Christmas Veronique, with hust a greeting in their own language and the name of the country from where they are writing. It would be wonderful if there could be a greeting from NL. Thank you so much to care enough to take time to write shortly on my blog. You'll find all the other necessary details under the title Au delà des frontières / accross the borders. I wish you a wonderful Christmas with your family.

whitecalla said...

Lene, A very Happy Birthday and Many, many happy returns of the day, hope you'll have a wonderful day plus lots of stashing and Merry Chistmas!!!
(Hugs) Lillie :D :D

Stitch or no stitch said...

Sometimes I wonder how you manage to keep up with everything Mylene. You are always so busy for others -your husband & children, relatives, friends at home or abroad and of course your job. You are a wonderful person who enriches many lives.
I hope you've been able to take the time to open and enjoy the packages you have received and have a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!!
Best wishes to you and all your loved ones for a Merry Christmas and wonderful 2007. Just think - you're almost on your way to see your family.
Hugs, Margaret

Retta said...

Happy Birthday!!! :)

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