Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year To All!!!!!!!

Hope everyone will have a nice evening welcoming the new year.

At first, we thought to stay home, just the four of us, as i have to work the next day(new year's day), but then Grace and one of her friends wanted to be together with the fireworks as his father's abroad and his mother wouldn't actually want to go outside, so we decided to have it here and invited more friends to join us. I did mentioned i would like to have it over around one as i needed my sleep for the next day. Atleast, they are all arriving around eight in the evening.
For the day, one of our best friend from the mainland is coming for a visit. She's been so busy we haven't seen each other since March. She ussually comes for a weekend here so we asked her to stay for the night but she'd rather go home.

Before x'mas CHRIS was allowed to take the swimming test and glad he was able to passed it. These was quite difficult for him but glad DH took times once a week to go and have an extra exercise for him, to trained him better with his arms and all.
They are very strict here with getting swimming certificate, so we were really happy when he received a notice to take the test.

Since i had to worked on x'mas day, the gathering's with dh's family was the next day at one of his sister's place. It went well and the kids enjoyed it too. The next morning, MIL called that one of her sister died, quite unexpectedly actually. Her husband is in hospital, recovering from a heart attack now we just heard that it got worsed and can't talk anymore. Both are on their eighties. We came home tonight from a visit to the family and received a phoned call from one of our friends that one of DH's friends father just died too. So, just after new years day we're on to isn't fine but oh well....can't help it.


Barbara said...

Oh my goodness, Mylene - I'm very sorry to hear of the sudden loss of family/friends and of ill health. Best wishes to you for strength and peace.

Congratulations on your son's swimming diploma. Our eldest never managed to get his, but athletics don't interest him very much.

Happy New Year! I hope your oud en nieuw celebration is fun (and that it ends early!).

Stitch or no stitch said...

First of all CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS!!! This is such an important moment for children and I remember well how thrilled ours were when they got their zwemdiploma.

On a sad note, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of family members & friends. Even when people reach a ripe old age we do not want to miss them.

It sounds like you're having a full house this evening but I always preferred that to travelling home in the wee hours trying to avoid firework debris. Have a wonderful evening and like Barbara write 'that it ends early!

Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar 2007 Mylene to you and all your loved ones wherever they may find themselves. Just think - in a couple of hours the year you go home to visit will have arrived.

Hugs, Margaret