Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The package from Anna!!!!!

First of all, thank you all for taking the time to have a look and nice comments. I really appreciate them

After the children were off to school this morning i opened up Anna's package first and WOW! I don't know what to say, i mean this came as a great surprise as we are not on an exchange, this is simply a gift from her and as you can see on the picture, so many things she've enclosed and a her gorgeous stitching where she finished off into an ornament. I LOVE everything!!! Wish, i have the time right now to start one of these but will surely do soon...Thank you so much, Anna.

Another package was from an exchange for the 12 days of x'mas which should be here before the 14th of december, in time for opening the first on the 14th, oh well i opened six pieces this morning as it shown here on the picture. Like the things that my partner enclosed and looking forward to opeing one each day.
The red packages was the ones i sent to her, luckily it reaches her before the 14th.

Another package was from one of my penpal from Scotland. Can only share a pic of the things enclosed as we haven't opened any yet. Most are names for the children. We've known or starting writing each other way back the year 2000, she's younger than me and no kids but we still have great contacts with each other.

Okey, the last package is not yet opened and another came in today plus some b-day cards, will wait in opening them...


Wendy said...

What fun packages you received! And it looks like some wonderful new stash too.

anna said...

Glad you liked what I chose for you, Mylene! I certainly did my best to bring a smile on your face and I am so happy it worked! ;-) Happy stitching in 2007!