Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pinkeep & CSE ornament exchange

My first attempt at making pinkeep, though without a ribbon as i ussually had seen from others, i added a longer cord so it can be hang on the x'mas tree. It's here pictured with another ornament and also the backs. I am quite satisfied with finishing the pinkeep, i thought it was so complicated. Now, the next thing i would like to try is the "flatfold". But that will be for next year.
It's been very busy here, so many acivities of the children as well as socially.

Received Viv's ornament for CSE exchange and WOW! Such a cutie! Very neatly finished. I LOVE it.

The one with the red cording is what i've stitched/completed that i've sent to Viv.


Sally said...

Beautiful ornaments, Myelene, and I love your first attempt at a pin keep.

Meari said...

Everything looks beautiful!