Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mikylla Jannine

My sister just sent a few pictures of my niece, hers and dh. Ohh really wish to see them all in person.
We are trying to call home to share the news but we couldn't get through. Might be with the recent typhoons that some areas where disconnected. I did had connection a couple of days, but mum says another typhoon is on the over there. It is really a disaster at this time of year. so pitiful, especially x'mas getting closer!

With my note last night, it was not only about the gift that i was down about but dh has written a small poem for everyone including me and a few of the contents did hurt, it was about my hobby. To term it all, he thinks it's useless!!!! I am really hurt, since aside from the house, the kids, i do work too a couple of days a week and with those days that i have to work i always prepared their warm meal to make it easy for him and all the needed items for the different activities they are in that day, as i ussually home around 9 in the evening.


AnneS said...

Sorry to hear your DH's comments have hurt you - my ex-flatmate and best mate used to poke fun at my stitching all the time, but I just let it roll over my head ... he eventually accepted it, and surprised me one day by asking how my progress was on "Chess Anyone" - my jaw nearly hit the floor! Try not to let DH's comments get to you ... it's not worth it ... everyone needs something that gives them pleasure, and stitching is your thing! :)

Dawn said...

I'm so sorry that your feelings were hurt by dh. ((HUGS)) Try and not let it bother you.

Ashleigh said...

Oh Mylene, sorry to hear about the poems hurting your feelings. I don't like those Sinterklaas poems because I think that they do get too pointed sometimes. Men have no idea sometimes what they are doing. Sterkte!

~Kim~ said...

Congrats Aunty!

So sorry to hear about how DH has made you feel! I guess he doesnt realize how talented you are! I love the SFE pillow you sent!

Barbara said...

Your niece is gorgeous! Congratulations!!

Meari said...

Your niece is a cutie. Congrats on becoming an auntie! :D