Saturday, December 09, 2006

Card for my niece & an ornament rec.

Stitched a card for my DS which is now on the way to Canada. She did asked a favor to stitch something, a bigger one with the name and date of her baby, i am still looking for an appropriate one. I am afraid i won't be able to finish it though before we left for home/vacation in Febraury. I have a few more items for exchanges that i have to finish before that date.

Received a wonderful ornament from Veronique ,such a little cutie and very neatly done! Thank you so much, Veronique!!
I am planning to put up the x'mas tree tomorrow, now sinterklaas is over. I just heard though that a couple of kids are coming over as their parents are off to a party. Friends of our children, perhaps they might help or atleast busy with other things. Dh expect a couple of friends too for some events they want to talk about. I hope they wil left me in peace for the decoration...we'll see tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Made these one for Debra and are now safely with her.
I still have a few more pieces that i want to complete it into an ornaments or something but i don't have much inspirations, oh well i might try to finish one into a pinkeep...well see.

By the way, thanks so much for reading and dropping a comments. I really, really appreciate them.


veronica's place said...
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veronica's place said...

hi mylene

you're welcome... it was a nice mini christmas stocking to make and made it with a lot of pleasure for you... my hubby wanted also such stockings, lol, but i promised i would try to make the big ones for us next year... say 'try'..Lol

AnneS said...

Oh wow, the little stocking ornie is just beautiful - a lovely gift to treasure always :) Your other stitching is lovely too, as always :)

Virpi said...

You have done such a pretty card for the baby and for the exchange too. I like also the ornament that Veronique did for you.

Kim said...

Those are wonderful! Love the stocking ornament! But all of them are lovely. :D

Wendy said...

You always have the sweetest designs pictured on your blog, Mylene! I don't know where you find the time to get so many things done.

Congratulations on the birth of your new niece! I hope you will be able to see her in person soon.

Meari said...

The card turned out really nice, as did all your other finishes. Congrats!