Sunday, June 17, 2007

A progress picture of my quilt sampler which i had managed to work on these last days. Still some more blocks to be sew and cut, have to buy more fabric for the sides, after cutting the blocks for the inside i realised i don't have enough for the outside part.

My Stitching Accessories Exchange from the forum at Jayne´s Attic has arrived to my partner Edda. Now, i am patiently waiting for mine, i wonder who is sending to me...???

It's father's day here today. The children brought up tea in our bedroom this morning with their presents to their father. Glad it wasn't that early when they came. They've sleep in too as they've been to bed very late friday evening. grace had her two friends here for that night(friday) and Chris been to his friend for that night. We left the girls here and been for a visit to one of our friends and came back around 1AM. They said they've watch two films and went to bed after midnight.
Anyway, we didn't do much today only went out to dinner this evening. I had worked a bit in the garden, grace went with one of her friends to watch a kind of musical show this afternoon, while Kees had been working and preparing for his leave tomorrow. He'll be away for a week to the city attending a course.

Many many thanks to everyone who dropped by and leaving comments. I really appreciate them. Hope everyone have had a great weekend.


Barbara said...

It sounds like a really nice weekend to me!

If our kids brought us tea in the morning, I'd want a lot of towels on hand! LOL!

monique said...

What a nice picture of your family :) And I sure like the view from that restaurant!

Your quilt is beautiful!!

Margaret said...

Great picture of your family Mylene.
Your quilt is looking very pretty.
Have a good week.

coonie said...

Great picture of your family.
I love your quilt :)

Dawn said...

The quilt looks gorgeous! Great pic of your family:)

Sally said...

Your quilt is beautiful Mylene.

Lovely picture if your family.

Lillie said...

Your quilt is beautiful. So is your family picture.

Von said...

What a nice family picture, Mylene!!

Love your quilt too. :)