Tuesday, June 05, 2007


It's been a while since my last post. I thought one activity of the kids was over, that was football for Chris, that it will be less busy but it's not.
Had been working extra too the last weeks, just hope i won't be called up to help again this week.

I did worked further on this sampler and now i ran out of the threads i used, cherry wine of sampler threads. It will have to wait till i can get hold of this color.

I started this hardanger piece when we went to the mainland last week. Hardanger is a bit easy to do while in the car(Dh was driving) but the stitches i did it at home as well as the cutting.

Our friend had framed the Winnie The pooh and ready for her son's birthday the third weekend of June. It's her choice and i like how it turned out.


veronique said...

hi mylene
your hardanger and sampler look very lovely, a pity you ran out of thread,just at the moment it's almost finished... pooh also received a nice frame...

Barbara said...

The sampler is looking really lovely, so is the hardanger piece :)

Dawn said...

Hardanger piece looks wonderful! Winnie turned out great:)

Barbara said...

Your freebie looks so great - too bad you ran out of thread! And your hardanger piece looks good, too! Great job with the framing of Winnie the Pooh!

I hope you have a wonderful (and less busy!) week. :D

Sally said...

Wow I love your freebie piece. It's so pretty. Shame you ran out of thread.

Winnie the Pooh looks brilliant framed. I love your hardanger piece.

whitecalla said...

The sampler is coming along nicely. The hardanger is looking good too. Great job done for the Pooh friends framed.