Thursday, June 07, 2007

Today's events...!

Another busy day....this morning, been for groceries and at midday while i was preparing for lunch, these folders was delivered. Actually, these were work of Grace every thursday which she've started last couple of months. But Grace had leaved yesterday for school camp for their group and will be back friday.

After lunch, DH had helped distributing the folders to the neighbourhood, about 200 houses. I haven't expected it but glad he did.

DH and Chris had joined the 'Avondvierdaagse' last monday, a five kilometers walk every afternoon for four days. I worked monday and tuesday so i can only joined them wednesday and today for the last day. Here's a couple of pictures, first when they got drinks half way and the next at the finished, mostly received some flowers and sweets for the children. The last picture is of Chris and Mels, this two are really close and can be together almost everyday!!! Either they are at Mels place or here at home.

Now, this is MAX just brought in by dh ex brother-in-law. We've agreed to take care of him for a week while he's on vacation(going to Aruba). This is our first time with Max so hope it will work out fine. Will take a better view at daytime.


Dawn said...

Max is so cute!

veronique said...

nice pictures and max... he's gorgeous!!!, i think it will turn out just great with the 'big' doggie..Lol

Barbara said...

We have some neighbors with Max-type doggies and they seem like such big sweeties - Enjoy!

Shari said...

the walk each day sounds like fun! We love to go on walks. I bet Max would have liked that too! Our dog loves to walk with us.

monique said...

LOL! Max looks pooped from all the activity :)

whitecalla said...

Beautiful pictures,looks like the kids had had a wonderful time..thank you for sharing the photos

Good luck with Max.

Margaret said...

First of all congratulations on winning the needleroll finishing contest. You did a beautiful job and the win is certainly well-deserved.

Hope you're having fun dog-sitting - I'm sure everything will work out fine. You'll just be tired from all that dog walking.

The avondvierdaagse was always such fun when our kids were young. I think part of it was knowing that summer had truly arrived.

Have a great week.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Max looks like a sweet dog, I am sure things will go well with him.