Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stitching Accessories Exchange

This was a surprise exchange so we don't know whom are we receiving but now finally my package arrived and it happens we are exchanging with each other. Sent out both the same day but mine arrived to Edda earlier than hers to mine.
It had arrived yesterday but it was quite late when all's well here last night and i was so tired being alone here with the children for a few days as Kees in the city.
Thank you so much Edda for everything. Pincushion and the scissor fob were very neatly done and i really like the fabric you have use with these. Again THANKS! I love them all.

The picture i took for what i've sent to Edda wasn't clear so if anyone wants to have a look you can see at Edda's

Now, i am off to do some housechores, it's bright and sunny today, a lot better than they had expected and hope it stays dry till the weekend.


Edda said...

I am so happy it has finally arrived Mylene. I just loved making this for you. It was the first time that I make a biscornu. Enjoy it! Hope you have a wonderful day.

All the best,

Barbara said...

Lovely exchange, Mylene! Good luck with your housework, and have a great weekend!

Stitcher said...

A lovely exchange

Dawn said...

It's beautiful!

I have a stack of pattern picked out to stitch for you. My problem is just picking

Sally said...

What lovely exchange pieces you received from Edda.

veronique said...

very lovely exchange !!