Friday, June 29, 2007

Grace Musical...Take off!!

Finally, after practicing for the last couple of months the children in group 8 present or perform a musical before they leave for the next stage of thier studies. Here's different compare to the U.S, where they leave elementary and goes to High School. This is new to me as well so i am learning along the way how's the school system here works.
But anyway, The musical they presented last night went very well. They are 20 in the class and everyone did a wonderful act! Since it's time for going on holiday this time of year there theme was 'Take Off'! Grace is with the red shirt and the one with lots of texts to say or perform. She felt nervous at the first scene but afterwards it comes naturally. We are very proud of her especially that she've really made it all secret and didn't practiced while we were looking. So it was a wonderful surprised!!

Thanks everyone for the comments on my last post. The weekend went well, but i didn't took pictures at the funfair as it was raining a bit.
Yes, the freebie i had started will make it into a biscornu when the stitching is done..

Honestly, i haven't done much stitching lately, it was just too busy here. Had to work extra sunday evening and then two days in a row, i was really tired afterwards. Wednesday went by doing nothing except some phone calls made here and to home in Asia. Yerterday, started clearing up the playroom, some old toys or games which they don't used or want anymore were thrown out or to be given to others who can still have use off. It's not easy though and better not ask the kids for everything if they want to keep it as they'd rather keep it all while they haven't touch some for a long long time.

Have a nice weekend to all.


Dawn said...

Congrats to Grace:) She she be proud of herself!

veronique said...

hi mylene
i can imagine you are very pride of her... and i'm sure they had a lot of fun after the first nerves were gone..

Barbara said...

I love the tradition of group 8 putting on a big play. Can't wait till Max is that age ... oh, yes I can! ;)

Lillie said...

My congrads to Grace and best wishes for embarking another journey in education. Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos. Grace looks lovely.

Margaret said...

What a fun evening it must have been Mylene. I remember these performances so well from when our kids were leaving elementary school. This is such a wonderful Dutch tradition.
Grace must be so excited about going to high school. Will she have to travel far?
Hope you will get a little more rest this weekend.