Saturday, June 30, 2007


The school of Grace and Chris needed a lot of money for renovations so they organized a kind of funfair today, where a few business owners donated things to be sold and lots of volunteers who offered things and help for some games and everything. For our part i baked an apple cake and Grace help with the stall.
These are few pictures taken and if you want to see more of it you can see it here
The first picture were kids doing the jumpstyle, Chris is quite good with it.
The fair was open from 11AM till 3PM. After that we went to a birthday party, kids behind at there friends place. Grace is now staying over at her friends place and we picked up Chris early this evening and he asked if his friend can sleep over. It's after 11PM now and we can still hear them talking...hmmmm, hope they will sleep in tomorrow.

Many thanks for the nice comments about my last post. If anyone's interested there's some more pictures here .

Margaret, luckily it's still here on the island though they have to go to town which is about 15 minutes with the bike. If everything goes well, she will stay here for six years.

A couple of finishes a while back but haven't shown a picture yet.


Dawn said...

The kitty is adorable! Both are finished wonderfully:)

Have a good weekend!

glenda said...

Nice work, Mylene! I love the kitty!

Barbara said...

Cute finishes and great initiative by your kids' school!!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Great finishes Mylene.