Thursday, June 21, 2007

Weather did change!!

After a couple of hours when i posted this morning it became cloudy and not long after it started raining that was around 2PM. Grace went to town this morning with the whole class with their bikes for some sports, they didn't finished all the said games and decided to turn back as they don't want to be wet and thunderstorm was expected too.

Here's what i started early this evening, needed a small uncomplicated to stitch and saw this freebie. Will do the other side next week i hope.
Freebies Aurelle

We are going away for the weekend, we leave tomorrow afternoon and meet up with DH at a friends place at the mainland. The 'funfair' is on there area and we wanted to take the children there. But if it's wet then we might take them to the cinema. Well see.

It's very busy here on the island, as lots of people came to join the catamaran or people come to watch which will be on saturday.
Zwitserleven Ronde om Texel
It depends on the weather though if they will let it continue.

Hope everyone have a nice weekend.


Dawn said...

That is such a cute freebie! I love the colors:) Have a great time this weekend!

Aussie Stitcher said...

That is really pretty, what will you make it into.


Von said...

Sounds like a fun weekend in store, Mylene! Enjoy. :D

Barbara said...

We're off to the zoo on Sunday with Niek's entire family - naturally, it's supposed to rain ALL weekend. :(

Sally said...

Have a wonderful weekend Mylene:)

Margaret said...

Lovely exchange gift from Edda.
Your new design is very pretty Mylene. Will you be making it into a biscornu?
Have a fun weekend & I'll keep my fingers crossed for good weather.

Lillie said...

Hoped you had a wonderful weeked.
Another lovely finish.

veronique said...

it's a lovely freebie from aurelle, is it gonna be a biscornu?

Chelle said...

I really like the freebies from Aurelle. You did a great job with it!