Thursday, June 07, 2007


Packages received!! First from Tracey, she've helped me for my DMC threads collection and i had sent her one of the U.K cross stitch magazine in exchange. Thanks so much, Tracey.
It's a pity sending magazine to the U.S or packages starting last month will be all prize priority and based on the last i sent out last month, the postage cost more than the magazine itself. I find very expensive!

The other package, was from Debra, my prize for winning the 'needleroll finishing contest in the group(ILCS). Quite so many and nice items too. Many many thanks, Debra and to all who voted on my piece.


Edda said...

Love your new stash Mylene. You are right it is a pity how much the price of postage seems to be rising everywhere.

All the best,

Dawn said...

Both packages look wonderful:)

veronique said...

oh mylene, you can continue making beautiful things..Lol, nice packages

Barbara said...

Oh, you really made out well! Congratulations and enjoy!!

Sally said...

Lovely packages Myelene. You will have fun with all of it:)

Shari said...

wonderful mail day for you Mylene!! Enjoy all of your goodies!!!

monique said...

Pretty packages! And I know what you mean... postage on magazines can be as much (or more!) as the magazine cost itself :(

whitecalla said...

What a wonderful gift and stash.
Everything looks so yummy!! Congrads for winining the needleroll finishing contest.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Lovely packages, congratulations on winning the competition.