Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hardanger sachet

I started this one weeks ago and finally completed it last weekend. There should be beads on it too, but i don't have one that match the colours. Being this first, i will keep this one!!! Would like to make one more with another pattern, but i have to order another colour thread too. So it will have to wait.

My goal for February wasn't all completed, well actually one for a rr but atleast the send out date is the middle of march so i hope to finish it before then.

Stitched this one for a quilt block, from the EMS garden alphabets. Just need to sign it and will be on it's way to the U.S.

For March, i don't know yet aside from the rr piece. Will have to look this week...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Spring is in the air.....not!!!!!

Here's to end the spring break for the kids. This item is off 'Brittercups designs'. Still don't know why they called it spring break at this time of year....when the temperature is nearly to freezing point....

Yesterday afternoon we picked up a few of their friends and then went to the an indoor playground just here on the island. It's friday which means change over for tourist so it was not so busy.

Chris been to the hairdresser this morning and WOW!!!! He sure love's it! and was difficult to let him go and wash it before going to bed a while ago.<

Oh yes, Elisabeth the birth card is for Petra. Still haven't heard if she receive it, just hope she did. She's probably very busy with James.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Spring break for the children

Both Chris and Grace are in a chess club which they goes every monday evening. Last sunday, there was a chess competition between the youngster's group here in Texel, a group from Den Helder and Schagen. It was held here on the island so both groups came over here. Chris and Grace joined in for Texel. The youngster's from Schagen got more points, so they are the winners!
The last picture with their medals for joining in, Grace and their nephew Jeroen and Chris.

Monday, went to work and children are on spring break so Kees had to work home.

Today, i'm free so i slept in a bit as it was very busy at work yesterday and came home quite late. After lunch, i took Chris to the gym where a few activities were organised for the children here in the village. This a pic with his friends.
Grace had to stay home for some homework she has to make for school. It wasn't fair for her but she've been putting it off and when her father confronted her yesterday about it she hasn't done anything yet and been ussually with one of her friends.

I did stitch but it's not much to show off so no stitching picture, oh wait......... i had done a newborn card before the's the pic of it. Hope it was already received by now.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

SBQ... Comments

Today's SBQ was suggested by Heather
( and is:

Comment on your comments (giving and recieving): Do you love comments or hate them? Do you check them every day, never check them, or find them helpful? And finally, are you convinced no one is reading your blog if you don't get any?

I LOVE getting comments, both from here and from the groups i am in. It really keeps me motivated to keep on stitching....I check them almost twice a day if am home so if i don't get comments on here, i am convinced no one is reading my blog.

I am quite new to blogging though, well started end of last year and still finding how to work on it. It does needs lots of time so i just take it bit by bit as i need lots of free time too for crafting, mainly stitching.

Speaking of stitching, not much done yesterday and today. A friend of Grace stayed for the night and would like too again today but her father is leaving tomorrow for a week so she went home late this afternoon. Perhaps she'll come again after a couple of days as they are on school vacation for a week. SPRING break!! Only there's no sign of spring, wet, dark and Cold. Since, the children are home i am afraid there's not much stitching for the whole week.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Scissor Fobs

I am so happy with my first try outs making a scissor fob.
The small one was really the first, it came out the cord wasn't long
enough. Two were already sent out this afternoon. Since they are my first I like them so much it was very difficult to part with them, atleast the letter M is for meeeee.These alphabets were from the magazine The World Of Cross Stitching.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


These are the two stitched cards i wanted to post the other day but blogger won't let me. Both already sent today for stitched birthday card exchange on one of the yahoo group here in Holland. I am making less cards now compared to last year when i did three different groups all stitched cards. Actually, only one was a must but the two international were not, but i did start it from the beginning so had to complete it all for the whole year.

Yesterday i've made more cards but then non-stitched also for birthday exchange, card making group. It's been a while since i've been busy with these ,some materials were hidden somewhere i cannot remember anymore. So these are quite simple ones.

I have here a couple of stitched alphabets which i hope to finished it off into a scissor fob. Actually, done one, but i am not satisfied with the cording i had made but i am not going to remove it. Hopefully, i can post a pic tomorrow.

Monday, February 13, 2006

A very busy day for DH....

...but atleast i already prepared their warm meal for lunch before i went to work. At 12 noon he has picked up Chris from school. Grace comes home on her own. It is not so far, about 5-10 minutes walk. We don't allow Chris yet to walk alone as he has to cross the road a few times.
After lunch, he brought back Chris to school and then remain there at school. Every monday afternoon he gives extra(voluntary) Chess lesson for a few children who are in the higher group, age between 7 -12. This is the second year he does this for the school.
He comes home with Chris at 3:30PM and catch up on his own works. Around six PM they had bread, after that DH brought the children and another boy from the neighbourhood to thier chess club which is in town, well about 10-15 minutes drive. Since it's an hour game/lesson for the kids dh returned home and tonight one of the parents picked them up. After 9 dh went to school for Grace. A ten minutes chat how's everything for her at school. I went the last time so it is his turned now, otherwise if we have somebody to stay here for the kids we'd rather go together. I wonder what keeps him so long now, he's suppose to be home half an hour ago...hmmmm, ohhh now i hear the outside door, he's back.

Well, just seen a message on one of the group that sachet exchange which i had sent to England on the 2nd of November just arrived the a few days ago. A few weeks after when still didn't shown up I sent another sachet on 20th of December, it had arrived three days after. So we were sure the first one was lost! I was really disappointed as that was my first sachet in hardanger.
I tried to upload a couple of pics but it doesn't let me....

Sunday, February 12, 2006


It was quiet here yesterday(saturday), well in the afternoon when both kids were invited by their friends to go to the (indoor)swimming pool. So it was nice to be left alone doing some housecleaning and lots of ironing. When they came home, had a quick meal as Grace has to go to the youth bingo which was organize once in a few months just here in the village. Chris would like to go too but of his age is not yet allowed so he played chess with his father instead. While i was catching up on some newspaper and mags that was piled the last days. So, no stitching for me!!!!!

Today, was able to sleep in till about ten. After a late breakfast we went to MIL for a cup of coffee and a few drinks, thought other family comes around too but nobody came. But we heard that the three kids of Kees sister are going to stay for the night with her as their parents will have to take the first ferry tomorrow morning (which is at six) so they'll be dropping by her late afternnon. We just came home and here i am on my computer while dh too and the kids watching some kids on tv. After an hour we are going to visit a friend, as we just heard his father is taken to the hospital.
WOW! I just heard Kees book a table at a restaurant so we are going out to dinner just before six. whew...Am i glad not to think of preparing something for dinner.

Thanks Von & Elisabeth for having a look at my recent pictures. I will try to do it by hand finishing the needlebook, but will have to wait as i have to work for the next couple of days.

Friday, February 10, 2006


And this one is a SAL from Dragonfly Stitches, design by Kristine Herber. She just presented the chart last wednesday. I stitched it within three days. This will be finished into a needlebook. Here comes my problem as i've never done one before and i cannot sew at all. She've given the instruction so i will ask a friend to help me with the sewing or maybe i can do it by hand??
Yes, i've been stitching a lot lately to keep my mind occupied, just lots of things bothers me these days.

Also done one rr, the smallest of the three and not too complicated. Charts were provided and this one of Merry Heart Designs.

Two blocks done for the month of February and March. I am glad to be ahead with these blocks.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Finished this one from JCS 2004. I join a SAL in one of the Yahoo groups i am in to finished at least one piece each month to be made into an ornament.
Glad i am done with that as i have received three rr's for this month to stitched and a couple of blocks-well both are nearly done and a couple of stitched cards for birthday exchange. It is just the first week of feb. so i think i can manage it. But i am back to work, the first day yesterday! Work one or two days a week and it is not that busy yet. So it is alright, so far yesterday went well.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Today's Menu and others...

This is my progress so far with this one. Aside from this, have completed a christmas small piece for an ornament but haven't took a pic of it yet.

Chris went back to school yesterday and he's really happy to be back with his friends again. We heard, quite some childrens are not well the last weeks. At Grace class, every week there's one or two are sick. Oh, and just heard that one of their nephew has been for a week at home, also sick and just been to see the doctor yesterday.
Our neighnour was discharged yesterday but very weak, she'd stayed more than week in the hospital. She has a terrible pain in her stomach and her doctor here said it was gallstone but when she arrived at the hospital they weren't sure . Finally, they removed it after two days. Her daughter, age 4 is still staying with her SIL, as she's too weak to look after her.

Tomorrow, we are going to a friend's birthday at the mainland. We'll not leaving that early as Grace went to bed very late. She'd been to a party with the swimming club she's in.

Thanks Von and Elisabeth! The dull women piece is of Lizzie Kate design. I really like this one and hope to frame it soon, just can't get to town to order the frame.