Saturday, November 24, 2007

Welcome Sampler is done! & Max & Packages

Finally finished this sampler. It's of Jeremiah Junction and was on the magazine Cross Country Stitching, April issue 2004. I've used DMC linnen 28ct instead of the given fabric which was Aida, and used DMC threads. I would like to frame this one but not so soon, have to save first or atleast after the holidays!

Yesterday morning when i and a friend got back from our once a week meet up for a long walk(nearly two hours), had a big surprise when i opened the door and greeted by MAX! Really forgot he'll be dropped this week to stay for a week or so i thought till Kees spoken to his sister and learned that the owner is away for two weeks. The owner is the ex brother-in-law of Kees and didn't even called yesterday. He's now with his son and DIL in Gran Canaria, Spain. We love having Max with us but but not for long, a week is a maximum as we have our own schedule. We have to reorganise everything to fit him in, especially taking him out for a walk and that he won't be alone for the whole day.

Received a couple of big packages yesterday and cards kept coming almost everyday, that's for my birthday and soon christmas cards will be coming too...
The brown big envelope is from Barbara from Malaysia, i think that's from the stitching blogger b-day exchange, and the big white one is from Anna from Poland and another from Nic Wray, not sure yet which exchange is this. I haven't opened them yet, i would like to wait till after Chris birthday which is next week saturday, i won't wait till my birthday for opening them up as we are leaving the 21st, to Germany and be back the 28th. You might be wondering how can i not be tempted to opened it all up at now, it's too busy here and whenever i get the chance i tried to work on my stitching as i am not yet done with a couple of exchanges to be sent.

Have a nice weekend to everyone!!


Sally said...

Congratulations on finishing your Welcome sampler! It's beautiful!

Wow that's a lot of packages waiting to be opened:)

glenda said...

Congrats on the finish! You did a great job. Hope you have a lot of fun on your birthday trip :)

Karan said...

Well done on finishing the Welcome sampler, it's lovely Mylene.
Sorry, but if it was me those packages would already be open. ;0) LOL

wanda said...

Congrats on your finish Mylene, and what great reserve you have not to open your packages!!