Thursday, November 01, 2007

SFE for Vickie!!

Tne ornament finally got to Vickie. It seems mail/packages takes so long to get to the U.S, this one took nearly two weeks and a few others took more than two weeks while i sent them priority. They will not allowed standard or surface packages here anymore. That's what i heard from the post office here on the island. They said most won't arrived if it's sent standard. It is quite expensive to send overseas now a days.

I see the link didn't work on the group so i thought to show it here. The picture wasn't that good either but can't get a resent one as i don't know where it is at the moment. I have to look for it next month when we put up the x'mas tree.


Sally said...

Love the ornament Mylene and the picture is brilliant!

Karan said...

Love both of these Mylene, TFS. :0)

Barbara said...

Love both of them. How awful to take 2 weeks for mailing. Seems none of the countries have very good mailing services anymore - and expensive too.
Barb in TX