Friday, November 30, 2007


I am halfway through my cooking tonight, or rather started it mid afternoon with cutting and all the preparations. I am just finished for now and having a glass of red wine before turning in as it's nearly midnight. DH have to go out with Max, but have to wait till it's a bit dry as i hear its stormy outside. We ussually go together late at night and mostly it's quite good weather, we sure lucky we live so close the dyke for taking a stroll for Max.
Just taken a couple of pics of what i've made... meatballs(beef) in cream tomato sauce, spicy pork though a little bit sweet because of the mango chutney, boiled eggs filled with cheese,yolks and spice and baked an apple and pineapple cake.
I said i am half way as i have to prepare more tomorrow morning like fried rice, fried noddles and boiled or fried plain vegestables. Aside from that, i wanted to make a couple of snacks too and a little bit of tidying after MIL takes Max to her place for the afternoon.

I am not sure if i can take a few pictures tomorrow, it depends how busy it is. The meat recipes i've just made were new to me, i do like to try new recipes whenever i get the chance, as I love and enjoy cooking but because of dieting i have to restrain in doing so.
I ussually prepare lots of food during our birthdays, that if i haven't had much time in one of the birthdays and didn't prepare much, i got comments like we are coming for the food and you haven't made our favorites...
Did mentioned to all previously that i am not going to celebrate my birthday as we are away on vactaion and hmmm..yes they'll miss my cooking!!!

Before i sign off, many many thanks for taking the time to visit and read my blog and also for leaving comments. Very much appreciated!!


glenda said...

Will you please come cook for me??

It all sounds and looks wonderful!

Doris said...

this is the best cook!! i miss my mum cooking :(...beacuse the tasted is different when my mum cooking...

al look really yummi!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks soooo yummy!!!!
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Dawn said...

It all looks very yummy!!

Sandy P said...

my mouth is watering, wow you went out of your way. It looks yummy.
Sandy P.

Karan said...

Ooooh that all looks so yummy Mylene.