Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dragon dreams pinkeep

I just read the message from Dawn that my packages for her birthday had arrived safely. I stitched her one of the dragon dreams design as i know she likes those designs and a card, but i can't find any taken picture of the card i made also the goodies enclosed. I had forgotten to take a picture before sending but Dawn have a good picture of all enclosed. So if anyone wants to have a look it's on her blog:
I sent the stitched items separately with the sweets and glad they both arrived at the same time. I'd rather not enclosed sweets as i know some postal wouldn't allow it and might confiscate it.

Edited: Dawn, i hope you won't mine i took one of your picture.

Haven't done any stitching the last two days, having a terrible headaches lately since sunday actually. Glad it was busy at work the last two days so wouldn't noticed it much but once home in the evening not much in the mood for crafting.
Hopefully later today, but CHRIS is home. We didn't let him go to school today as he's been unwell last night, vomitting and diarrhoea(did i spel that good??).


Shari said...

what a special gift Mylene! I bet your friend was thrilled!!! You did an awesome job!!! I hope you are feeling better now & that Chris didn't get too sick.

Dawn said...

Mylene, I LOVE everything!!! Thank you!!! You are a very special friend:)

I hope you get to feeling better soon. (((hugs)))

Sally said...

What a beautiful gift Mylene:) beautifully stitched.

glenda said...

I love the pinkeep - great job!!

Karan said...

Love the pinkeep Mylene, it's stitched and finished beautifully. :0)