Sunday, November 04, 2007

Christmas pieces!

Aside from finishing a few christmas and non- christmas ornaments, i've stitched these cute ones from the magazine 'The World of Cross Stitching'. I might stitch all of the six charts but it depends as i have to stitch two more for x'mas ornaments exchange, haven't decided which ones yet which makes it a bit difficult!
A few ornaments are sent out these week, hope it reach the recipients quickly and that they'll like what i've made for them. A couple more are going out these week, already done a while back but i find it so difficult to send it away.

Now i have had enough with christmas themes..ha ha, so i will take a break...a day or two.. and stitch something else.


Kim said...

Adorable..I love them!

Kim P in MO

Barbara said...

Nice projects, Mylene. I'm sure your friends love all the stitching you do for them.
Barb in TX

Shari said...

they look great Mylene!!! Your stitching always inspires me!! Keep up the great work!!!

glenda said...

Your finishes are always so well done! These are no exception. Great job!!

Virpi said...

Really pretty stitching!

Sally said...

They are all gorgeous Mylene:)

Karan said...

They are lovely Mylene - the people who receive them will be very lucky. :0)