Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend in Groningen with friends

The weekend went well with friends, we've all met friday late in the afternoon at the hotel we are staying for the weekend, it was on a boat, pictures can be seen
here. Afterwards we went out for dinner and then to the cinema, where we've watch a dutch film. Before heading back to the hotel at midnight went to one of the bars first for drinks, that's were the two pictures were taken.

The next day we had quite some activities, first to the Martini toren, you can read more of it here, we've climbed up to the top with i think 322 steps. I can still feel it on my upper legs!!! After lunch we took a short cruise
of the city and then to the Groninger Museum And before going to dinner we went for the
Laser game first. We had played twice, 15 minutes each. It was mens against the ladies. With the first game, scores for the ladies were all low but the second game i ended up second between the mens. I did my best as they were laughing at us with the first game...

I haven't taken much pictures during this outing, just not much in the mood. I've added most of the websites of what we've done so you can have an idea as i am not that good in describing it all in details.

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Karan said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Hope you & your Dh are feeling much better now.